Fairy Tail Fan Club

This is just a area where I will put some pictures of fairy Tail, and you can talk about your favorite manga series! or you could just talk about Fairy Tail! WHICH IS THE BEST ONE!

Please give me a fairy tail name if you want one, a guild, and a magic.

ex: man123 Fairy Tail name: Goberman    Guild: Phantom Lord    Magic: Ice Maker

Guilds Mentioned in the Series:

Blue Pegasus
Phantom Lord
Fairy Tail
Titan Nose
(If you can think of any more than comment!)

Magics mentioned in the series:

Ice Maker
Dragon Slayer
Pick one that you remember!

Fairy Tail Fan Club:

President: cuitepie867 Magic, Water Dragon Slayer Guild, Fairy Tail

Guild Members:

LucyHeartfilia Magic, Celestial Wizard Guild, Fairy Tail


4 Responses

  1. I join! Lucy, Fairy Tail, Celestial Wizard!

  2. Ill join if this site getz better

  3. Sorry I havn’t been on. LucyHeartfilia, you can join. Hmm, I wonder if their is any relation to your name and magic to the real Lucy’s… 🙂

  4. Erm, can anyone come back on?

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