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Hi, this is where I will review each Fairy Tail book. If I got the review elsewhere, I will site the source. Please request any further reviews.

Fairy Tail 1:

Celestial wizard Lucy had always had one dream–join the legendary Fairy Tail wizard’s guild and finally become a legitimate wizard. But her path to glory has been less than brilliant, as she lands herself smack in the middle of a rather dicey situation while pursuing her latest lead. Enter Natsu, the strange kid with explosive fire magic who bails her out–and apparently, hails from Fairy Tail! Upon arriving at guild HQ, Lucy discovers that Fairy Tail lives up to its infamous reputation; the guild is a free-for-all stocked by the magical world’s most powerful weirdos. Finally an official member, Lucy teams up with Natsu, first to rescue a Fairy Tail comrade and then to unravel the mystery of a strange book kept by some rather unsavory characters. Things take a turn for the darker when a deadly flute falls into the hands of the Eisenwald Guild, who plan to use the morbid music to their own ends–and it’s up to Fairy Tail to stop them!

If there’s one thing that this manga excels at, it’s breakneck, exuberant energy. It’s hard to hate a series that tries as hard as Fairy Tail does; every chapter is packed with equal parts quirky action and just plain wackiness for a final product that hits more than it misses. The pace is decidedly shounen, with characters spouting off attacks and epic battles taking the forefront of every chapter, but Mashima has the good sense to keep everything on the side of the humorously weird, something his Shounen Jump contemporaries could do to learn. That said, the basic outline of the plot is nothing new; epic quests, fanservice, quirky side characters and themes of honesty, teamwork and pride are genre staples, and Fairy Tail does little to liven them up. But that’s not what Fairy Tail is here to do; rather, it’s the strange, wacky bits that keep the series flowing, with moments so out of left field you can’t help but crack a smile.

Character duality works to an equally favorable end, with Lucy providing the right amount of down-to-Earth, fresh-faced thoughtfulness to counterbalance Natsu’s over-the-top swings between aggressiveness and moments of startling honesty. The aforementioned quirks aren’t bad either; Lucy harbors secret dreams of writing a novel about her adventures (much to her embarrassment) while Natsu is consistently wracked by crippling motion sickness. The already sizeable background cast sports everybody from a hard-drinking beauty to a wizard with a penchant for stripping down, although these remain a largely untapped resource for now.


Fairy Tail 2:

Lucy, a girl versed in the use of “Celestial Magic,” is on a quest to become a fully-fledged wizard and to join a mage guild. Joining a mage guild is the only way to really expand one’s abilities, reputation, and income. Her personal quest causes her to meet Natsu, a young man with powerful fire magic and terrible motion sickness, and his flying, talking cat sidekick, Happy. Natsu is on a quest of his own, to find and re-unite with the giant dragon, Igneel, which raised him and taught him everything he knows about fire. When they uncover a plot by a criminal to use magic for piracy, Lucy also learns that Natsu is a member of the guild known as Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail stands out among the various magic-user guilds as a guild of reckless, powerful magic-users who cause a stir wherever they go. Fairy Tail members are the bad boys of magic among the guilds but, naturally, they all have a sad secret in their individual pasts. Well of course they do! This IS a modern shonen manga, right?

The characters and action are over the top. There are evil dukes, renegade wizards, magical monsters, cute animal sidekicks, shapely girls, and brash heroes. Hiro Mashima builds a world and a system of mages and throws in special magic fighting moves and techniques.

Some people might be a bit thrown off by Mashima’s art style because he draws EXACTLY like Eiichiro Oda, the creator of “One Piece,” One may read somewhere else on the internet that Mashima attributes this to the fact that, like Oda, he is a huge fan inspired by the work of DragonBall Z creator Akira Toriyama. One may also read elsewhere on the internet that Mashima is called one of the “Four Kings of Plagiarism” for swiping layouts from “One Piece” for his previous series “Rave Master,” so there you go.


Fairy Tail 3: TO COME

Fairy Tail 4: TO COME

Fairy Tail 5: In this book, Lucy, Natsu, and Happy have gone on a S-class quest to show up the wizard who was teasing them. But Gray got in the way trying to stop them, and he has discovered that his old friend, and also a follower of the late Ur, is behind it. Reititi is his name, and he is trying to revieve Deliora, a demon that Ur herself used a magic called Iced Shell to seal Deliora into alomst unmeltable ice. By Reititi Lyon has other plans. He wants to surpass Ur, and he will stop at nothing to do so! Erza has come into the picture, and while trying to bring the group back from Demon Isle (See Fairy Tail 4)  she has joined them on the promise that they will be punished later. Natsu, being Natsu, tips the ruins and the cerimony, called Moon Drip. cannot reach all the way down the hole to Deliora. The quest they have taken has truned into a darker situation, and if they dony stop Lyon, a terrible monster could be released! This book ends with Lyon decieving Gray, and stabbing him though the abdomen! What a clifhanger!

DEMON ISLE: The island where the ruins are, in which Deliora is  being revieved. It is called demon isle because all of the villagers have been turned to demons at night! (That was the quest that Lucy, Happy, and Natsu had to solve) More on the villagers in book 6.
Moon Drip: A ceramony that will be used to melt deliora’s ice
Iced shell: Incases a monster in everlasting ice, made from the casters body (in other words, you use it, you die!)
Ur: Powerful ice wizard, she was the mentor to Gray and Lyon
Deliora: A huge monster that Lyon wants to defeat


83988c6e.jpg image by francismeunier

can you  make out Deliora’s shape?

Ur_and_her_pupils_by_tmszhu.jpg Fairy Tail image by Ayame19124

From Left, Gray as a boy, Ur, Lyon as a boy

deliora.jpg Deliora image by Chaos_assailant

Thats Deliora. The guy on the right is Gray, and the little dude right below deliora is Natsu (Really, who else?)




Fairy Tail 9: TO COME UPON REQUEST (I still need to read this but have gotten it from my library)


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