I read Fairy Tail 9!

Hi everyone! I read Fairy Tail, 9, and I am going to read number 10! So, in 9, Lucy goes home to yell at her father about an arranged marriage, and tells him she will hate him if he hurts her friends anymore! After, Erza, Natsu, Gray, Happy, and Lucy team up for the Ultimate team! After alot of jobs, Lucy meets Loke, and thanks him for returning her keyes. After a bit of research, Lucy learns that the reason Loke doesn’t like her is becuase he doesn’t like celestial wizards. Loke is really a celestial spirit named Leo the Lion. His old owner, Karen of Blue Pegasus, was cruel to her spirits, and so he refused to go on a job with her. She dies, and he was blamed, so he cannot go back to the spirit world. Lucy convinces the Spirit King to change his mind becuase Loke (Leo) was just trying to help his friends. Loke is now permitted to go to the spirit world, but is now Lucys celestial spirit. She has his key now! She now has:






Plue (Canis Minor)


Leo (Loke)


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